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From:- Tara Dipalma

Re:- Struggling to lose those Stubborn Extra Kilos?


Are you Sick and Tired of .......


Fad Diets
Looking for the Latest Fat Loss Break Through?
Dieting to Shed those Extra Kilos, Only to end up Heavier than when You Began?
Strict Diet Plans
Trying to stick to an incredibly strict Diet Plan?
Calorie Counting
Calorie Counting?
Feeling Starved
Feeling Starved and Deprived of your FAVOURITE Foods?
Drained of Energy
Drained of Energy?
Exercise Routines
Long and Strenuous exercise routines?


After years of struggling with my post baby body, I found myself feeling depressed, disheartened and frustrated.

I had tried every weight loss product I could get my hands on from; fad diets to pills to potions to meal replacement shakes. The results were consistently the same:- I'd re-gain my excess weight and some...

I decided it was time to educate myself by finding out how the body works and in doing so, compiled a plan which I then followed.... This works and it works very well.

In all I have lost 24kg in a 6 month period without any strict eating plan, without stress or hunger pains.

Get Fit After Kids is a Chronicle of Every Successful Tactic that I have used, that has Enabled My Weight Loss.

I wanted to save my friends from having to study as much as I did, and this can save you Months of your own time too.

I wanted to share with people close to me all the things that saved me from those fads & pills & potions that just don't ever seem to work.

With simple changes to your eating habits you still get to enjoy your favourite foods, You Will Succeed, there is No Way you can fail.

And now you can Stop buying into all those schemes.

Think about it for a moment - have they ever worked for you?

Imagine now though - a simple plan that's based on real knowledge of how your body works.

Imagine yourself losing up to 24kg like me.........

Well now it's POSSIBLE AND realistic:-





Your Road to Success!

You can laugh at those lose weight worries if you follow MY SIMPLE Healthy Eating PLAN.
You will See Drastic Results in a Short Period of Time - Guaranteed!

With "Get Fit After Kids" You will discover how to......

Lose Fat
Eat to Eradicate Fat
Weight Loss
Combine Food for Effective Weight Loss
Healthy Eating
Be Successful Without Dieting - This is not a diet, It is a Healthy Eating PLAN.
Melt Away Those Kilos
Incorporate the foods that you love into your eating plan and watch those kilos melt away.
Increase your energy levels.
Find an exercise routine that you will enjoy, that fits into your lifestyle.
Be Successful and reach your goals.



How To Lower Your Cholesterol

Excessive cholesterol is a killer, and anybody can fall a victim to it.

The eBook, “How To Lower Your Cholesterol,” debunks certain popular cholesterol myths and simultaneously teaches you all that you need to know about the dangers of high cholesterol.

The simple tips presented in this 85-page book can help you easily to keep your cholesterol level under control and enjoy the best of health.




Pilates and Complete Body Fitness

Pilates is a proven and fun method of achieving body fitness.

If you have never heard of these excellent exercises, read more about it in the eBook, “Pilates And Complete Body Fitness.”

This 42-page eBook assures you that complete body fitness is indeed achievable and teaches you how to be fit with Pilates.

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Understanding Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes and Glycemic Index.

Diabetes is closely related to your Glycemic Index, and in this book, “Understanding Diabetes And Glycemic Index,” you will learn more about the relationship between the two.

This 75-page eBook is an amazing source book on diabetes, which every diabetic would like to possess.

It teaches you how to keep this energy-sapping disorder under control by simply checking your blood glucose level.




Body Detox Made Easy!

10 day detox is a full body detox that usually means taking several different steps to reach your total body transformation.

This Body "Detox Made Easy" system will help you to:-
tick Remove heavy metals from your body
tick Detoxify your liver and other organs
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tick Recharge your immune system

Your all in one Body Detox System.



What Others Had to say


Hi Tara,

Having read your book I have to tell you it is great to see the proof of what is written jumping off the pages at you. As the saying goes...."the proof is in the pudding". The images in your ebook prove without doubt that your plans work.

While the book is aimed at women who have just had a baby I believe the information in the book is relevant to anybody who wants to lose weight, man or woman! I will definitely be using the information to improve my own eating habits and will also be recommending the e-book to others

Yours in Health

Dave Morris


Thanks Tara,

After spending countless amounts of time and money trying to lose weight after my second child, nothing seemed to work for me. I had come to the conclusion that I was stuck with my body for life. If “Jenny Craig” & “Weight Watchers” couldn’t help me who else can, right?

I stumbled across Tara’s guide to losing weight and was a bit skeptical. I thought here we go, another person claiming to have a fab diet. After reading it I was somewhat excited as it opened my eyes to many things I didn’t know about. Not only did it provide a step by step guide on what to eat, it explained why I should eat it. After 10 weeks I’ve been able to lose 8kgs but importantly keep it off…

Jayne - Adelaide, Australia.


Dear Tara,
As you know, I have always had to be careful when it came to making food choices, I would gain weight at the very thought of eating cake and so it was never on the menu.

I gained an enormous amount of weight with both of my pregnancies and found that I was excusing it by telling myself “yes I am carrying a little extra weight but I’ve just had a baby” Oh maybe I should mention; the baby I had “just had” was five years old at this stage and the little extra weight was only 35 kilos. Needless to say I had remained fat after both pregnancies and the road to weight loss was so tedious.

I had tried several diets and had some degree of success however I found that I was preparing meals for the family at different times of the day (my diet at the time stipulated that I must eat five hours apart.) As soon as I strayed from the very strict guidelines; the weight just crept back up.

You watched my weight yoyo and saw me go through diet after diet and still failing miserably each attempt. Since you were experiencing the same difficulties with weight loss after child birth you said that you’d come up with a plan that would be easy to follow and would fit with all kinds of lifestyles.

Well did you EVER!!!!!

I watched you eat and eat and eat; the kilos seemed to just disappear!! While I sat there with a rumbly tummy feeling as though I was on a hunger strike.

I have been on your plan for three weeks now and I am thrilled with the results, I have so much more energy, I can actually see changes in my body. My skin, hair and nails look healthier. I am never hungry and there is no need for me to morn my favourite foods as I can still have them without the guilty feeling of cheating my diet.

As promised, I put my scales away so can’t say exactly how many kilos I have lost however I can very happily tell you that I have gone from an extremely tight size 14-16 to a slightly loose size 12 and eagerly looking forward to getting back into a comfortable size 10.
I’m forever in your debt, thank you so much!!

Teresa Griffiths.
Melbourne, Australia.



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